How To Teach Storytelling Techniques To Children?

Storytelling is a very useful skill. People should always consider teaching storytelling to their children because it polishes their learning skills, their expression, their reading, and most importantly their imagination. If you’re worried about how to teach storytelling techniques to children you don’t have to be because we have a few amazing and easy tips for teaching storytelling techniques. 

Set good examples

While teaching anything to kindergarten students it’s very important to set good examples for them and the same rule applies to storytelling techniques. You have to give them exposure to good storytelling and the library can be a very good source of doing that. This will teach kids what is good storytelling, how it is done, and what requires to be a good storyteller. Furthermore, seek help from the internet and search for some really good storytelling videos and show them to your kid. 

Expose them to different stories

If you want to teach kindergartens in adelaide to be a good storyteller you have to expose them to different stories and let them decide which story they like and want to imitate. Because it’s very important that the story your kid is going to tell others must have his personal interest. Because his own interest in the story will enhance his storytelling skills.  

Teach him to be expressive 

Good storytelling requires a lot of expression, gestures, body language, voice patching, eye contact, facial expression. While teaching them storytelling you have to teach how to involve emotions and expressions through your body language. Tell them to let their eyes talk directly to the audience, to express emotions through their voice, to let their gestures and body language speak louder than their words. First show them how it’s done and then ask them to mimic you.

Picture books

Picture books are the best source to improve storytelling skills. They enhance the imagination power of kindergarten students. A wordless book helps them to imagine the story through their imagination as a picture speaks a lot louder than words but all depending on the imagination of the reader. It allows the reader to invent the plot. So let your kids be creative.

Lots of practice

Remind your kindergarten children to practice a lot. They might be comfortable practicing in front of you, mirror videotaping themselves. Let them practice in any way they want because practice is the key. It helps them memorize the story and keep reminding students to be very expressive while practicing. Furthermore, search around in your area if there is any institute offering storytelling or acting techniques. Because that will really polish and enhance your kindergarten kid’s skills. These institutes will help them step out of their comfort zone and practice their skills.

Storytelling technique is a very fun skill and helps your kid in numerous ways. With proper counseling, inspiration, support, and the right techniques your kid can learn a lot. Hence mentioned above are a few tips on how to teach storytelling techniques to your child.  

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