Preparing your child for kindergarten in Langwarrin

Preparing your child for kindergarten in Langwarrin

Before you send your child to kindergarten it is important that you consider the kindergarten readiness of your child. It is one of the soft skills which most parents do not give a great deal of attention to. Although there are children who might adjust well to any new setting there are still some who are shy and might need a bit of assistance for the most basic of tasks.

The following are a few things which you need to consider before enrolling your child at a Langwarrin funded kindergarten.

Basics skills your child should know before they enter kindergarten in Langwarrin

It is necessary that parents teach they children some sort of Independence while they are with them at home. This would mean that you might need to encourage them to dress themselves. Take their clothes  on an off an also teach them how to hang it up. They should know how to use the bathroom without assistance and also wash their hands after using it without you having to constantly remind them about it. Basic skills like knowing how to tie the own shoes and picking up their own lunch would be helpful for them at kindergarten.

It is also necessary to teach them self-help skills like wiping their face after lunch without being prompted and blowing the nose without assistance. However they should still be comfortable asking any adult for help when it is required.

Parents can also make that children kindergarten-ready by transferring smaller responsibilities over to them. For example at a family trip by the pool the child can be put in charge of emptying the backpack and refilling the water bottles. Once they start taking responsibility it is easier for them to complete all these tasks without assistance.

Another important step includes the development and following of certain routines. For example setting up a morning routine would help transfer the child into kindergarten easily. This means that they have to get up around the same time everyday, get breakfast have an early breakfast so that they are all ready and active by the time they reach kindergarten.

You can take your child to the library to check out books and make sure that you read to them everyday. It is advised to read our it your books and make sure that you read the captions under the pictures but just make sure that you read aloud each and everyday.

Although parents are tempted to talk about a school with their children it is advise that you should not talk about it a great deal. Even if you do want to talk about it you might want to wait until the end of the summer is near. If the child expresses being nervous or not wanting to go to school you might need to speak to them about it and let them know that it is going to be a fun place by telling them a little bit about it. In order to reduce the separation anxiety you can even take your child along to the kindergarten with you so that they can have a look and feel of the place and see how other children are enjoying certain activities and which they can join as well.


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